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England and Ireland – student’s presentation

Článek jsem zveřejnila 19.10.2018|Cestování|

Dina, my student from Beginner Level, prepared a beautiful presentation about England and Ireland, the countries, she visited. Let’s have a look at her essay and further materials she prepared for the class.

Dina wrote an essay attached bellow which I hung it on the board. Then she created a beautiful presentation in PowerPoint about England and Ireland. The PowerPoint presentation was consisted of photos and comments in Czech language. I projected it in the class. We all had a lot of fun!


1) Good afternoon my teacher Gabriela and my classmates.

2) I present my experiences from the holiday in England and Ireland.

3) These countries are located on the islands.

4) The journey from Europe is from the Channel La Manche or by the Ferry to Ireland.

5) Both countries are very nice, with an interesting Celtic history, special architecture  and culture.

6) Nature in Ireland is very beautiful.

7) Many flowers and shades of green in nature are everywhere.

8) We went to Killarney National Park, Cliffs of Moher –
it was a very interesting experience.

9) We saw many ancient temples and defensive castles.

10) We also visited an Irish Pub with Irish music.
We tasted beer, the brand Guinness, and classical Irish coffee – all is very good.

11) I liked the whisky museum in Tullamore. It is very interesting.

12) People in Ireland and England are very content, happy and jolly.

13)  Horses, cows and sheep are around most of the rural Irish houses.

14) The weather in Ireland was pleasant up to 19°C, rain, sometimes wind.

15) Ireland is the country where I may live!!

Written by Dina Osmančíková, Beginner Level