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Hangman – Let’s play!

Článek jsem zveřejnila 25.4.2017|Zábava|

Hangman is a word game puzzle also good for seniors because they train important brain skills that include memory, verbal fluency and information processing. Let’s have a look what it is about.

Hangman is a word game puzzle in which you are given a limited number of guesses to figure out a hidden word.
Word game like HANGMAN is good for elderly people who like to play and enhance brain.

The hidden words that students were supposed to guess were related to April idiom:

Students played together in teams and did a great job in guessing! Finally we explained the idiom in this way:
With spring sunshine comes spring rain. This expression is used to ease the pain of rainy April days and remind one that the rain is necessary to allow the plants to come back to life after winter!

I think it’s important to play also in the class and have fun!