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Housing in the UK – student’s presentation

Článek jsem zveřejnila 18.11.2017|Cestování|

One of my great students Jaroslav visited Portsmouth, the port city in Hampshire in England, where his son lives. He described the housing in the cities of the UK in his presentation.

Housing in the cities of Great Britain

My son, who has been living in the UK since 2013, has decided to change his housing. He was searching for a house that would suit better his  family of four. The second reason was the transport availability to his workplace because he works in the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth – Cosham. That’s why he and his wife searched for a housing about 5 miles far from Cosham.

Finally they decided for a terrace house in Waterlooville which is a village about 5 miles far from Porthsmouth.

The apartments and houses are distinguished according to the numbers of bedrooms in the UK. The dwelling has also kitchen and bathroom. It is taken for granted.

The price of 3-bedroom terrace house in Portsmouth area ranges from ca. 160,000Ł to ca. 270,000Ł. For you to get an idea the price of semi-detached house ranges from ca. 240,000Ł to ca. 380,000Ł. For detached house or bungalow the price ranges from ca. 400,000L to 750,000Ł. A 3-bedroom flat like below you can get for ca. 120,000Ł.

Houses in  Great Britain are not  beautiful from outside. Emphasis is placed on expediency. Outwardly they often look unsightly. But the English do not care because they live inside. Surprisingly due to mild winters in the South East England water, gas and waste water distribution are often situated on the outside walls of a house.

The British do not understand our family houses. For most of us, a house is used only for one generation and the family does not plan to stay in there forever. The British family starts up the housing first, and when the time goes on it changes as the family grows or how family financial situation improves.

Terace houses and semi-detached houses usually have a small front garden and a backyard. The front garden and backyard are used for additional building of further extension. There are built covered vestibules in front of a house. You will see very often an extra glass construction called conservatory or sun room in the backyard. If the height of the roof rail allows, also roof is built.

My son’s brick house is a 3-bedroom terrace house. It has cavity walls (hollow walls). There is a small garden in front of the house with the main entrance. There is also a small backyard/garden behind the house accessible from dining room. This part of the house doesn’t have any garage. A parking place is located behind the house. There is also a backyard entrance. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific internal arrangement of this house but I have a floor plan of another similar house as attached.

The main entrance is located on front side ground floor of the house. There are also lounge, kitchen and dinner (dining room) on the ground floor. A big advantage is the location of the second lavatory on the ground floor. You can see the crossbeam above the ground floor windows. The bedrooms are located on the first floor. The bathroom connected with a lavatory is also located on the first floor. The access to the attic is located on the first floor corridor.

The bedrooms are usually designed as two bigger rooms and one small room – one bigger bedroom is for parents, another one is for children. One small room has only a bed and a bedside table.

Written by Jaroslav Vocilka, Advanced level