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Článek jsem zveřejnila 17.10.2016|Cestování|

My student Lída whose daughter lives in Norway prepared a lovely talk about this beautiful English speaking country. I also projected her special photos that are not possibly seen anywhere else. Read and see more here…

Gunat - the Norweigian's costume

Lída regularly visits her daughter and her family in Norway. From this reason she knows a lot about the way of living of Norwegians and she was happy to share with us interesting facts about people, English, culture and history. So let me mention some of them…

Norway has a beautiful nature, sea, countless fjords, mountains and waterfalls. Norway is a very comfortable and safe country. People are not hasty, nervous and aggresive. The overall well-being dominates. The vast majority of Norwegians is friendly, welcoming and considerate. The Norwegians speak fluent English.

The Norwegians didn’t have it easy in past. After centuries they were in bondage of Sweden and Denmark. In 1905 Norway became an independent country.

The Norwegians greatly appreciate freedom and annually on May 17th have a great celebration. People dress up costumes alias Gunat and go to the parade. The royal family greet people from the balcony of the Royal Palace. Many ongoing concerts and entertainment events are on. Friends have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.