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American pension vs. European pension

Článek jsem zveřejnila 24.11.2017

The elderly are interested in pensions abroad. Interesting comparison between American pension and European pension you’ll find just here.

American pension vs.European pension.

Social insurance in Europe usually means money – you and your employer give to the state.It is a kind of tax.When you stop working, you get this money back.The idea is that you can live on this money.Social insurance calls this retirement money, or pension.

A pension in the USA is a plan for saving money for the day when you stop working.The money comes from you and your employer and goes into the plan.A US pension is one kind of plan.There are many plans in the US for saving money for senior years.US workers have Social Security.It is similar to European social insurance.But Social Security money is not enough for retirement.So some seniors do not really retire but still work.

In the US you must take care of yourself.You must save money for later in life.

Adapted by: John Kevin Mactavish, USA
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