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Beavers in Scotland

Článek jsem zveřejnila 25.5.2018

My students like reading about nature and animals. This article is about beavers in Scotland.
It is interesting from historical point of view and also from today’s point of view.


Wild beavers living in the southern and western Highlands of Scotland are now allowed to expand naturally.This is because the government has granted them protected status.

About 300 years ago, beavers were hunted in Scotland.As a result, they started to die out.

For the first time, the beaver will be officially declared a native British species.It is an important step in bringing back wildlife into parts of the British Isles.Until now, the focus has been especially on birds of prey.The beavers have been brought to Scotland from Norway.

Conservationists are delighted.The Scottish Wildlife Trust says it is a major milestone for Scotland’s wildlife.Beavers are one of the world’s best natural engineers.They have a remarkable ability to create new wetlands and restore woodland.This improves conditions for a wide range of species, such as otters, water voles, and dragonflies.In turn, it helps to control flooding and bring life to woodlands.

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