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Seniors love to go to libraries. This study text says about books and their future and the position of libraries also abroad. An interesting interview with Vít Richter, the director of the National Library, is about to read just here!


„Paper books will not disappear2, their sales3 are growing,“ says Vít Richter, the director4 of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

March is the month of readers.The Czech Republic has the best network5 of libraries in the world.The National Library in Prague is a cultural monument.National Libraries exist also in other countries, for example in Germany.The best national libraries are in ex-socialist European countries and in the Baltics6.

It is also true that younger people, especially students, read more books than older people.There are many readers in the Czech Republic, but people in Scandinavia, mainly7 in Finland and Sweden, but also in Canada, read even more.

But the library system in the Czech Republic has some problems, too.There aren’t enough8 employees, because they have very low salaries.Libraries need people also because of digitalization, which can save9 printed books for the future.

Vocabulary: 1budoucnost| 2zmizet| 3prodej| 4ředitel| 5síť| 6Pobaltí| 7hlavně| 8dostatek| 9zachránit
Language notes: National Library=Národní knihovna|month of readers=měsíc čtenárů|in the world=na světě|cultural monument=kulturní památka|low salary=nízký plat|because of=kvůli
Sources: radiozurnal.cz.

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