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Do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? And do you know that chocolate bars are only 172 years old? Before 1847 chocolate is only a drink of ground cocoa beans, hot water, milk, and sugar. Also dark chocolate has a lot of nutrients, which are good for your health. Cheers to chocolate!


Chocolate in the shape of a chocolate bar is quite new.It comes from the year of 1847, from the town of Bristol in England, and from a man called Joseph Fry.So it means that chocolate bars are only 172 years old.

Chocolate is originally1 only a drink, a fatty2 drink with ground3 cocoa beans, hot water, milk and sugar.But Joseph Fry is very smart, because he knows how to separate cocoa butter and cocoa solids4.This is how you make a nice, smooth5 chocolate bar.You mix these two things at different temperatures6.

Doctors say: Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate.It has a lot of nutrients7, which are good for your health.Dark chocolate is perfect for your heart, because it makes it very strong.”.

Vocabulary: 1původně|2tučný|3mletý|4sušina|5jemný (krémovitý o chuti)|6teplota|7živina
Language notes: in the shape of=ve tvaru(čeho)| chocolate bar=tabulka čokolády| cocoa
bean=kakaový bob| cocoa butter=kakaové máslo| dark chocolate=hořká čokoláda| milk
chocolate=mléčná čokoláda
Sources: bbcgoodfood.com|healthline.com.

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