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Do you enjoy being scared? If your answer is yes, you might enjoy decorating your house with scary jack o´lanters and celebrate Halloween, one of the most popular festivals in the USA.


Halloween is a popular festival1 on the 31st of October.People decorate2 their houses and cut3 faces into pumpkins4, which are called jack o´lanterns.

Halloween is very popular in the U.S.A.Almost all Americans decorate their homes that day.People spend5 a lot of money on Halloween, almost as much as they do during Christmas.

People in England don’t celebrate6 Halloween that much.But they have Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November.Just like Halloween, it comes from an old Celtic ritual.This celebration is full of fire, and children cut scary7 faces into beets8.

Children in Scotland and in Ireland go trick or treating, and neighbours give them sweets.People in Australia and New Zealand just organize parties with scary costumes9.

Extra příloha na téma „Halloween at the White House“ je ke stažení zde:.

Beginner_False Beginner_EXTRA_Halloween.

Language notes: jack o’lantern=lucerna z dýně|as much as=tolik jako|Guy Fawkes Night=Noc
Guye Fawkese|just like=stejně jako|go trick or treating=koledování při Halloweenu

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