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Hobbies to wrap your heart around

Článek jsem zveřejnila 23.10.2017

One of the most popular activity among seniors in their leisure time is taking care of their grandchildren. A nice up-to-date article was adapted by the native speaker also for my students. Which kind of hobbies do women over 50 have in the world? Read here!

Hobbies to wrap your heart around.

Today individualism is a quality of women over 50.So each woman has individual interests.Making and doing things are how women follow their interests and unwind.Hobbies are what they do with their time.

For women there seems to be a universal desire to express creativity.They want to produce magic with paints, wool and glass, or create beauty with words and music.Hobbies energize and inspire, and they connect women with other like-minded people.Hobbies often give life its meaning.

Here are some hobbies women over 60 wrap their hearts around:.

Linda: Crossword puzzles.

Rahimah: Photography and gardening.

Clarissa: Volunteering for community radio.

Toni: Sewing, scrapbooking, reading.

Carol: Making greeting cards.

Liz: Singing in the choir and aqua aerobics.

Sandy: Crocheting – good therapy.

Carolina: Learning a new language, playing the piano, writing, babysitting my grandkids.

Laura: Sewing for fashion dolls.

Regine: Cooking, dancing, music.

Barb: Knitting, walking outside in nature.

Shirley: Quilting.

Jennifer: Yoga.

Chris: Genealogy.

A List of Hobbies for Women Over 50 – Amazing Ideas from the Sixty and Me Community. [online] Fashion, Hair, Makeup for Older Women, Senior Dating, Travel.Available at: http://sixtyandme.com/list-of-hobbies-for-women-over-50-amazing-ideas-from-the-sixty-and-me-community/ [Accessed 7 Sep.2017].

Adapted by: John Kevin Mactavish, USA
read more at https://efl-4-me.blogspot.cz/.