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Shopping malls for seniors

Článek jsem zveřejnila 3.4.2017

Seniors like to do shopping no matter if it’s at home or abroad. Therefore I made up a topic „Shopping malls for seniors“. The topic was created via online media with hot news of Marks and Spencer and Macy’s.


Marks and Spencer offers cafe space for „frazzled“ people (London, U.K.).

Marks and Spencer offers cafe places for „frazzled“ and overwhelmed people by the stresses of modern life.
It is offering 11 of its cafes to host those feeling overwhelmed once every two weeks.
The aim of the session is to offer a space where people can talk openly with others about how they’re feeling.
Now it is available in London, alongside Brighton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cambridge, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Canterbury and Norwich.
The sessions take place in cafes and are closed to the general public.
Spaces are limited and anyone who wants to attend a session needs to sign up via the Frazzle Cafe website.

Discounts in Marks and Spencer vary from season to season.This month you’ll save 25% on Prosecco and sparkling wine or 20% on selected furniture when you buy 2 or more pieces.

Source: BBC online 3/2017.

Macy’s shopping mall  (New York, USA)                                             .

One of the nation’s premier shopping malls announced that on February 2018 will exclusively serve DKNY women’s clothing and accessories.DKNY will also offer handbags, shoes, in addition to women’s and men’s outerwear and swim.Macy’s and DKNY are both world’s leading fashion brands which customers love.They both are distinguished for modern tailoring with sophisticated ease.
Discounts are offered in their 10% off for domestic visitors as well as for international ones.
Just print out voucher online at http://www.visitmacysusa.com.

Source: Macy’s press releases online 3/2017.