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Travel with Grandchildren

Článek jsem zveřejnila 30.10.2017

Travel with grandchildren is a hot topic among seniors. What is better: To travel with grandchildren’s parents or without them? Read an interesting article with suggestions just here. Suitable for Intermediate level.

Leave Mom and Dad at Home.

Many grandparents say that you haven’t really seen a place until you’ve shared it with your grandchildren.Travel with grandchildren can be done with parents or without.Traveling with grandchildren without their parents is better.

Here is why:
You’ll bond better.
When parents are there, children naturally turn to them first.If the parents aren’t there, grandparent-grandchild communication is different.Some grandparents say their grandchildren are better behaved when the parents are not around.Solving any problems may make your relationship with your grandchildren stronger.

You’ll simplify travel.Generally, the more people in your group, the more complicated the logistics become.

By traveling with your grandchildren alone, you will reduce the number of rooms needed, the size of car required, different food preferences.Oh, the number of complications!.

You’ll love the alone time you have had with the grandkids; however, get ready.You need holiday to rest after the one you just had.

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Adapted by: John Kevin Mactavish, USA
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