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Scouting comes from England. Some seniors or their children or grandchildren may have been involved in Scouting, too. This study text is interesting from the historical point of view as well as from further current development.


4 and 5-year-old children,especially2 from poor families, can join3 the Scouts now in a new project.
The project wants to reduce4 the differences between poor and rich children.Small children learn and develop new skills.The Department for Education pays5 for the project.

The Scouts focus on physical6 and mental development7 of young people.The Scouts movement comes from 1908 from England.The idea of the Scouts comes from Robert Baden-Powell and his book Scouting for Boys.

These are some of the important years from the history of the Scouts movement:
In 1907, 21 teenagers learn about life-saving8, patriotism and chivalry9 in a camp organized by Robert Baden-Powell.
In 1986, 100 thousand 6 to 8-year old children join the Scouts in 5 years in Great Britain.
In 2018, a new project for 4 and 5-year old children from poor families begins.

Vocabulary: 1skaut| 2zejména| 3přidat se| 4zmenšit| 5platit|| 6fyzický| 7rozvoj| 8záchraňování života| 9rytířkost
Language notes: develop new skills=rozvíjet nové dovednosti|Department for Education=ministerstvo školství|focus on=zaměřovat se|Scouts movement=skautské hnutí|organized
by=organizovaný (kým)
Sources: guardian.com|bbc.com.