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USA – student’s presentation

Článek jsem zveřejnila 11.5.2018|Cestování|

Olga, studentka z kurzu začátečníků, navštívila USA. V hodině jsme si přečetli krásnou esej v angličtině, kterou Olga napsala a pak jsme si o této zemi povídali. Došlo i na promítání fotografií přes projektor. Byl to krásný zážitek pro všechny v hodině angličtiny!

The United States of America

In April 2018, I and my husband with our friends took the trip to the United States of America.
We visited New York, Niagara Falls, Washington, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Miami.

We flew to New York from Prague. There we stayed 7 days in Manhattan. We were at the Metropolitan Opera at Verdi’s opera – Louise Miller. Father’s party was performed by the famous tenor Placido Domingo. We also were at the Theater on Broadway to see the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”. We had dinner in a jazz cafe where Eliane Elias sang.

There is a big picture gallery – the Metropolitan Museum – in New York. Three days are not enough to see all the pictures in the museum.

Niagara is not open, so we saw the waterfalls only from the waterside.

Washington is a very beautiful city. Everybody must see it.

The Turks and Caicos Islands is a British territory that is in the Atlantic Ocean. In my opinion there are the best beaches and the climate is very good, too. Water and air is about one temperature. We did not want to leave the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The last place of our stay in the US was Miami. It is a big city with beautiful beaches. Many Americans spend their holidays there. Near the city there is a large zoo in the nature. We went there on a safari. In the city there is a zoo for marine animals – the aquarium. We saw there dolphins, sea lions and different fish. We both liked the zoo very much.

Written by Olga Chernomoskaya, Beginner